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Water Journeys: Refugee Camps and Drone Photography

water journeys: I soon knew what she meant, according to Toronto Star. Using both drone photography and close-ups, shot across one year in 23 countries, Ai Weiwei's movie is awash in often startlingly beautiful images of desperate adults and children surviving harrowing water journeys or long marches, arriving with almost nothing, living in crowded refugee camps, bringing home the notion, as New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis put it, that ours is an age of ceaseless churn with no calm in sight. A friend told me I would need this, she said. Ceaseless churn also describes our current public discourse about immigrants and refugees, from the dispiriting nativist rhetoric in the U.S. and proposed travel bans to the Trudeau government's recent declaration that it will open our doors even wider to new immigrants. Can we find a more engaging way to say this Article Continued Below We have recently debated Quebec's Bill 62 that bans women in full face-coverings from riding a city bus. We have new statistics that show Toronto is now majority visible minority such a mouthful. ( As reported in the news.