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Treasury Board: Phoenix and Jobs Auditors

treasury board: Some 1,400 new or reallocated employees have been seconded to resolving Phoenix, in addition to 550 staff at the Miramichi Pay Centre, more than offsetting the savings Phoenix was supposed to produce by eliminating the need for 1,200 jobs, according to CBC. Auditors uncovered dismal service standards at the Canada Revenue Agency's nine call centres across the country, reporting that nearly a third of all callers were given incorrect information. Public Services and Procurement Canada and the Treasury Board failed to recognize early enough the depth and severity of the Phoenix problem, and failed to involve other departments in developing a timely plan to deal with the issue. '1100931139976', 'playlist Selector' 'container Selector' ' container64128515', 'ciid' 'caffeine14412360' ; Auditor General says Phoenix pay system here to stay2 21 As of June 2017, 18 months after Phoenix was first implemented, more than 150,000 public servants were waiting for a pay request to be processed, with the value of the outstanding errors at about 500 million. CBC Agents at the Canada Revenue Agency's call centre, meant to assist taxpayers with their tax questions, answered only 36 per cent of all incoming calls and provided incorrect answers to auditors nearly 30 per cent of the time. Each blocked caller made an average of three or four calls per week, often never getting through. The CRA blocked some 29 million of the 53.5 million incoming calls during the audit period, resulting in a busy signal or a message to try back later. ( As reported in the news.