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Trans Energy: Messages and Facebook Profiles

trans energy: There were messages that called for my beheading and for a bat to be taken to my face, according to Rabble. There were messages that called me a 'c ' or 'bitch'. Some messages suggested I should have posted naked and others commented on my appearance.I'am not new to being trolled.I'm a public figure with a national organization calling for an end to the expansion of extreme energy including pipelines expanding the Alberta tarsands or oilsands, and for a just transition to a clean economy. These are names on the Facebook profiles that sent me misogynistic and violent messages over a span of a few days. In our four-year fight against Trans Canada's Energy East pipeline, I dedicated a lot of time to myth-busting. We were up against Goliath, a corporation that spent over a billion dollars on the recently terminated pipeline project from Alberta to a new port in Saint John, New Brunswick. I did this because I believe the project would have violated Indigenous rights, made a mockery of our role with the Paris Climate Agreement and put the drinking water of over 5 million people at risk from an oilsands spill. ( As reported in the news.