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Suu Kyi: Francis and Rohingya Plight

suu kyi: Francis has defined his papacy by his frequent denunciations of injustices committed against refugees, and he would be expected to speak out strongly against the Rohingya plight, according to Toronto Star. But he is also the guest of Burma's government and must look out for the well-being of his own tiny flock, a minority of just 659,000 Catholics in the majority Buddhist nation of 51 million. Francis will thus be walking a fraught diplomatic tightrope during the Nov. 27-Dec. 2 visit, which will include separate meetings with Suu Kyi, the powerful head of Burma's military as well as a small group of Rohingya once Francis arrives in neighbouring Bangladesh. Read more Burma's cardinal defends Suu Kyi against very unfair' criticism over Rohingya crisis Article Continued Below Burma, Bangladesh sign agreement covering return of Rohingya MuslimsU.S. declares Burma is committing ethnic cleansing' against Rohingya Muslims Let's just say it's very interesting diplomatically, Vatican spokesperson Greg Burke responded when asked if Francis' 21st foreign trip would be his most difficult. react-empty 159 The Rev. Reese argued that Francis' legacy as an uncompromising champion of the oppressed will come up against the harsh reality of blowback for Burma's minority Christians if he goes too far in defending the Rohingya against the military's clearance operations in Rakhine state. Thomas Reese, an American Jesuit commentator, was more direct I have great admiration for the pope and his abilities, but someone should have talked him out of making this trip, Reese wrote recently on Religion News Service. ( As reported in the news.