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Saskatoon Studio: Dance and Serhij Koroliuk

saskatoon studio: This Ukrainian folk dance is called the Holubka, according to CBC. It's familiar territory for the dancers and their bouncing, gesticulating choreographer, Serhij Koroliuk. The men kneel and clap as a dozen female dancers float and swirl and kick across the stage at a recent rehearsal in their Saskatoon studio. Ukrainian multicultural dance felt 'tokenistic,' says Indigenous dancer CBC Asks - Cultural Appropriation Is it ever OK Three months ago, Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble faced a wave of accusations on social media for one of its other routines called Kaleidoscope, a multicultural dance that included segments from French, Indigenous and other cultures. The term is popping up with increasing frequency Halloween headdress costumes, music sampling and author Joseph Boyden's ancestry have all stirred debate. The group said the dance was created to honour Indigenous people and other cultures, but critics labelled it cultural appropriation. ( As reported in the news.