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Purge Homosexuals: Apology Network and Security Campaigns

purge homosexuals: The record of how LGBTQ2 Canadians were treated by their own government, and the human pain and cost that resulted because of that treatment, is egregious, according to Toronto Star. The We Demand an Apology Network, for one, has chronicled national security campaigns to purge homosexuals from Canada's public service, the RCMP and the military. That Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced he will formally apologize in the House of Commons on Nov. 28 for Canada's history of persecution and injustices inflicted on sexual minorities can only be applauded. From the 1950s to the early 1990s, thousands of federal employees were fired simply because they were lesbian, gay or bisexual. For many, their careers, livelihoods, relationships and health were ruined. The RCMP had a database in the 1960s of some 9,000 expected gay men and lesbians working in the federal government. ( As reported in the news.