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Province: Voter Turnouts

province: Bad enough that Canada has been steadily sliding in voter turnouts, falling well below most developed nations over the decades despite a 2015 federal election blip . The bigger problem lies with Canada's biggest province In Ontario elections, far fewer voters bother to cast ballots than they do in federal campaigns, according to Toronto Star. The most powerful province in the country suffers from the weakest electoral turnouts of all edging out even traditionally apathetic Alberta as the worst performer. In Ontario, it couldn't get much worse a province more democratically disengaged than any other. That makes Ontario Ground Zero for a double democratic deficit a place where voter turnouts are not merely anemic federally, but utterly abysmal provincially. Over the next few months until voting day, I will try to do things a little differently asking not just who deserves your vote, but whether anyone will get it. Article Continued Below What's behind the provincial apathy Can our political parties do anything about their collective failure to engage voters and will they Ahead of the June 7 Ontario election, rival politicians will be vying for your vote as they always do, and journalists will be reporting on their various manoeuvres. ( As reported in the news.