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People Canada: Canada and Daughters Yara

people canada: Canada good, according to CBC. Thank you, thank you, Canada, he said. Speaking in Kurdish, translated by his daughter Yara, Ahmad, 42, has nothing but praise for what the Canadian government has done to help them resettle. People Canada good, yes. Unable to speak English, Ahmad hasn't been able to get a job, so he works every day to learn the language of his new home, taking English classes through a federally funded course. The Ahmads Fadel, his wife Rania, 40, their sons Mostafa, 14 and Mohamad, 9, and daughters Yara 15 and Eman six months were part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's commitment to resettle more than 40,000 Syrians fleeing their war-torn homeland. ( As reported in the news.