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Parliament: Catalan Leader and Referendum Constitution

parliament: Rajoy's visit to Catalonia's main city was his first to the northeastern region since he used extraordinary powers to stifle its secession push, according to CBC. After Catalonia's Parliament voted Oct. 27 in favor of declaring independence, Rajoy responded by firing its government, dissolving its parliament and calling the early election. Rajoy told members of his conservative Popular Party in Barcelona that we want a massive turnout to open up a new period of normalcy. Catalan leader opens door to secession from Spain after referendum Spain's Constitution says the nation is indivisible. The threat of the separatists is destructive, sad and agonizing. It's urgent to return a sense of normality to Catalonia and do so as soon as possible to lower the social and economic tensions, Rajoy said Sunday. ( As reported in the news.