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Opposition Strongholds: British Rule and Dozen Lawmakers

opposition strongholds: In another new challenge, Mombasa Gov, according to Toronto Star. Hassan Joho, another governor and more than a dozen lawmakers have revived old calls for coastal counties to secede, alleging discrimination by the national government since Kenya's independence from British rule in 1963. Some posted online images of Kenya divided into two nations along ethnic lines, reflecting a growing sense of marginalization in some opposition strongholds despite some progress in allocating more rights and resources to aggrieved communities. Critics have dismissed the call as political posturing in the wake of President Uhuru Kenyatta's disputed election win on Oct. 26, but the rhetoric highlights the skepticism of some Kenyans about the unity of one of Africa's most influential nations. Recent independence bids in Spain's Catalonia region and Iraq's autonomous Kurdish area ran up against the power of the state, and the bloodshed that accompanied the path to statehood in African nations including Eritrea and South Sudan is a measure of the toll of some secessionist bids. Read more President Uhuru Kenyatta wins rerun election in Kenya However unlikely, secession is an idea that was extremely marginal, and now it's gone mainstream, said Abdullahi Boru, a political analyst in Kenya. ( As reported in the news.