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Ontario Council: Justice Reporter and Press Releases

ontario council: As the Star's Social Justice reporter, Laurie Monsebraaten frequently receives press releases highlighting the findings of recent studies or surveys concerning inequality and poverty, according to Toronto Star. Such reports, from groups such as the United Way, the Children's Aid Society of Toronto, and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, can contain data on the shocking disparities between the richest and poorest of Canada's citizenry, the challenges facing newcomers, or the lack of affordable child care in the GTA, to name just a few topics. This week, we focus on how Social Justice Reporter Laurie Monsebraaten works to highlight issues affecting disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens. While data is important for establishing the scope of inequality that exists in our society, numbers presented on their own only tell part of the story. You do that by telling stories that help readers see the face of bad policy or the impact of bad policy, and who could be helped by fixing that policy, says Monsebraaten, who has been covering social justice issues for the Star for most of her career. The challenge facing reporters, says Monsebraaten, is putting a human face on reports, policies or laws so that readers of all stripes understand how people are affected. ( As reported in the news.