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Nova Scotians: Rexhepi and Cfb Halifax

nova scotians: Like so many, their introduction to their new home was CFB Halifax, according to CBC. It's where the family was met by military personnel before moving to temporary housing, and where, nearly two decades later, they met Kosovo President Hashim Tha i. Rexhepi and her family were among 5,000 Kosovar refugees who arrived in Canada in 1999. Kosovar refugee urges Nova Scotians to accept Syrians I'm so happy, and I'm so proud of you coming and visiting us and seeing where we live, so thank you, Rexhepi told Tha i on Saturday. They had spent six long weeks at a refugee camp in Macedonia some of that time without a tent, which meant they slept in the rain. From Macedonia to Halifax The Rexhepi family came to Canada somewhat on a whim. ( As reported in the news.