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Minority Community: Rohingya and Suu Kyi

minority community: Gathered in the room were people from the Rohingya community and members of the non-Rohingya community, two sides of an inter-communal conflict, which became increasingly violent almost three months ago, according to Toronto Star. The Rohingya are a minority community of Muslims who have been refused citizenship by the government of the majority Buddhist country. The way forward became apparent when he walked into a small space with a large table. Read more Article Continued Below Burma's cardinal defends Suu Kyi against very unfair' criticism over Rohingya crisis Rohingya woman who fled Burma as baby now helping others escape to BangladeshU.S. considering individual sanctions in response to Rohingya crisis Tillerson react-empty 168 The two groups spoke to each other candidly. They had done business together. Thirty years ago, people from both communities had gone to school together. ( As reported in the news.