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Maungdaw Beach: Beach and Rohingya

maungdaw beach: Video of the scene is unsettling Rohingya men, women, and children can be seen trapped on the beach, holding their hands out for help, according to CTV. CTV's Daniele Hamamdjian reports that some have been stuck on Maungdaw beach in Myanmar's Rakhine State for as long as two months, after fleeing the violence in their villages. A television crew from Sky News captured haunting footage of a group of Bangladeshi men risking their lives to cross the Myanmar border to transport Rohingya refugees to safety. Some of them are clearly, very sick, a Sky News reporter said. A week-old baby, a crying mother, and an emaciated woman can be seen in the video, all waiting for help. Soldiers have planted landmines beyond the beach, forcing the Rohingya Muslims to retreat. ( As reported in the news.