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Mary J: Ensemble Film and Florence Jackson

mary j: It debuted Friday on Netflix, according to CTV. Husband and wife Henry and Laura McAllan played by Jason Clarke and Carey Mulligan are newcomers to the ramshackle property, sharing their cramped, rundown home with Henry's racist father, Pappy Jonathan Banks who has ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Based on the novel by Hillary Jordan, the devastating ensemble film illustrates the interlaced lives of two families -- one black, one white -- sharing farmland in the 1940s Mississippi Delta. The McAllans meet sharecroppers Hap and Florence Jackson Rob Morgan and Mary J. Blige who have worked the land for generations, trying to rise above the social and racial barriers that seek to oppress them. I knew that I wanted this to be a story about two families ... and how they have this symbiotic, dysfunctional connection to the land and to each other. One of the things that I liked were these multiple points of view, said Rees, who co-wrote the screenplay with Virgil Williams. ( As reported in the news.