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Lobby Caf: Ascari Enoteca and Multicultural Party

lobby caf: The menu's rooted in the history of the building a Victorian, British Empire diaspora sort of era, says executive chef John Sinopoli Table 17, Ascari Enoteca . We wanted to create a menu that was really only of Toronto, something you wouldn't necessarily see in other places, according to NOW Magazine. It's the kind of dishes that were served 80, 90, 100 years ago, but obviously, through the lens of modern taste and execution. Four months on from the Broadview's grand re-opening, the Civic's turn-of-the-century-chic dining room is finally open, adding a more stately culinary presence to the casual breakfasts and lunches served in the adjoining lobby caf and the modern, multicultural party eats upstairs. Expand Natalia Manzocco The hotel's revitalization, as a whole, was driven by the building's history in one particularly literal case, Design Agency, who spearheaded the transformation, actually replicated a 1900s-era wallpaper unearthed on the walls during the demolition. Sinopoli says the original Broadview Hotel didn't even have a kitchen. But for the team behind the restaurant Sinopoli, Erik Joyal and chef de cuisine Joey Agostino Richmond Station, Skin and Bones there was no such legacy to follow. ( As reported in the news.