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Law Order: Julia Jarcho and Cops Irving

law order: See listing, according to NOW Magazine. Rating NNNImagine an episode of Law & Order written by a cynical philosophy student and you'll have a good idea of Grimly Handsome. Photo by Barry McCluskey GRIMLY HANDSOME by Julia Jarcho Theatre Animal . At the Assembly Theatre 1479 Queen West . Runs to Nov 19. 20- 25. 416-802-0297. Julia Jarcho's intriguing play uses the tropes of the thriller and the police procedural to look at things like urban alienation, power dynamics and sexual selection. After the woman's body turns up butchered, two cops Irving and Sanders again one of whose wife is having an affair with the other, investigate, aided by a possible male eyewitness. In an unnamed American city, two immigrant Christmas tree-sellers Jeff Irving and Ben Sanders display their wares, one of them convincing a shy, bookish woman Julia Course to join him for a cup of coffee. ( As reported in the news.