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Lauchlan: Information and Mac

lauchlan: Conveying legal information accurately in a foreign language can be difficult, says Eliza Mac Lauchlan, according to CBC. Angela Walker/CBC It's something that touches everyone, I guess, at some point in their lives, whether or not that's because they are separating or just because they're getting married, said Mac Lauchlan. Immigrant language speaker population exploding on P.E.I. Eliza Mac Lauchlan, public legal education and information officer with the association, said 40 to 50 per cent of their clients inquire about family law, and it can sometimes be difficult to accurately convey legal information to people whose first language isn't English or French. They need to understand a bit better about what that actually means, and what the implications of that here in Canada are. The association expects to have it available in the spring. A new booklet from the association will address some of the most common questions about family law, and it will be published in seven languages Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish, Persian, and Arabic, as well as English and French. ( As reported in the news.