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Labour Party: Echo Chamber and British Society

labour party: Trudeau, of course, is well known around here, according to Rabble. Instead, Lukacs reminded about 300 participants in the Edmonton-based Parkland Institute's 21st annual conference in a biting, often hilarious deconstruction of Prime Minister Trudeau's progressive neoliberalism at the University of Alberta Saturday morning, Corbyn saved his party, his career and possibly Britain when May's best-laid plan went spectacularly awry on June 8. Corbyn is the leader of Britain's Labour Party, the unrepentant socialist thoroughly reviled by the very finest people in British society and their right-wing echo chamber around the world, who was supposed to have been completely undone by Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May's brilliantly timed U.K. election just a year after the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. The theme of the Parkland conference Collapse Neoliberalism in Crisis. For example, in a paean to Donald Trump published by the National Post Friday, former newspaper magnate Conrad Black, who in happier times gave up his Canadian citizenship to become a British Lord, mocked the Guardian as being on the verge of bankruptcy and reduced to a pitiful variation of crowd-funding. By way of background, the Guardian is the internationally respected British newspaper of liberal inclination that is despised by billionaires and 1-per-centers around the planet. ( As reported in the news.