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Inquiry Hearings: Immigration Minister and Quebec City

inquiry hearings: Quebec's immigration minister has since cancelled those inquiry hearings and replaced them with a forum validating diversity and the fight against discrimination, which will take place on Dec. 5 in Quebec City, according to National Observer. But the far-right groups still have a bone to pick with the government of Premier Philippe Couillard, whom they believe is treating the Quebec's people with contempt. The inquiry, they argued at the time, amounted to putting Quebecers on trial. They argue that the province should go further in its legislation banning face-coverings to protect secularism as well as do more to control what they describe as illegal immigration in Quebec. Never again will Quebec be controlled by religions, there is no turning back, wrote one of the leaders La Meute, Sylvain Maikan, on Facebook on Friday, in a French language post that was shared more than 100 times. The protests coincide with the Quebec Liberal Party convention ahead of next year's provincial elections. ( As reported in the news.