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Increase Access: Finalize Canada and Food Policy

increase access: The same is true at the global level, according to Rabble. A recent World Health Organization study found a ten-fold global increase in obesity among children and adolescents over the past four decades. One result of this more than a quarter of Canadian children are overweight or obese. Federal policymakers should take note of these grim statistic as they finalize Canada's first national food policy that will aim, among other things, to increase access to nutritious and affordable food. The disconnect between food production and consumption is also true for new Canadians, many of whom come to Canada from countries where subsistence agriculture is ubiquitous, only to end up in a downtown high rise with limited or no access to green space, never mind a plot of land for gardening. One way to address this growing problem is to make it easier for Canadians to grow their own food. ( As reported in the news.