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Immigration: Canadian Views and Year

immigration: But over the course of those 12 months, Canadian views on immigration appear to have shifted in that same direction, according to the survey the federal government carries out each year as part of its immigration planning process, according to Toronto Star. Partial results of the internal survey were posted online in connection with last week's release of the plan, which calls for 310,000 people admitted to be admitted in 2018, up from 300,000 this year. It was a subtle jab at the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has cracked down on immigration in the name of the America First sentiment that got him elected a year ago Tuesday. Read more Article Continued Below Canadian government to raise annual immigration intake by 13% by 2020With 650 Yazidis now in Canada, immigration officials say target of 1,200 in sightA wise approach on immigration Editorial react-empty 156 By 2020, the level of new admissions will rise to 340,000. While the survey is done annually, the questions aren't always the same, and the sample size also varies. About 27 per cent of the survey's 2,503 respondents said they felt that number is too high an increase of four percentage points over the responses to the same question in the 2016 survey, which had only about 1,600 respondents. ( As reported in the news.