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Immigrant Populations: Filipino Cuisine

immigrant populations: Like other immigrant populations before it, growing Filipino communities across the US -- from caretakers, nurses, tech and hospitality workers -- have given rise to interest in Filipino cuisine, says the group, according to CTV. In 2018, expect to see that interest bring Filipino cuisine into the mainstream dining world, in the same manner of previous culinary revelations from Asia, such as Thai, Vietnamese and Korean cuisines. So says New York-based restaurant consultancy group Baum Whiteman in their annual trendspotting report, which predicted the foods and dining concepts that will become increasingly popular in hotels and restaurants next year. Case in point Google searches for Filipino food have doubled since 2012, says Baum Whiteman. The chain has 35 restaurants across the US, along with locations in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei. Likewise, the Philippines' biggest fast food chain, Jollibee, has been aggressively opening locations in the US, introducing diners to dishes like 'Palabok Fiesta,' a noodle dish served with shrimp sauce, topped with pork Chicharron, tinapa flakes smoked fish flakes sauteed pork and slices of egg, and pineapple-topped burgers. ( As reported in the news.