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Gun Trafficking: Police and Morning Raids

gun trafficking: The main targets, four men at four different homes, after a seven-month long OPP operation Project Landslide', targeting drug and weapons trafficking all believed to have connections to Ottawa street gang operations, according to CTV. Sources say through the seven-month long investigation, police seized an AK-47, AR-15 assault rifle, Uzi, glock handgun and 38-revolver. Monday Ontario Provincial Police pull off simultaneous, early morning raids at nine locations across Ottawa, Gatineau and Clarence-Rockland. Police also seized hundreds of thousands of methamphetamine pills. Budlakoti, convicted of drug and gun trafficking in 2010, he's also known as the Stateless Man after he was ordered deported after his run-ins with the law. Sources say the men arrested are Marco Dubien in Gatineau, Leopold Mercier and his son Matthiew Mercier, both from Clarence-Rockland and Deepan Budlakoti of Ottawa. ( As reported in the news.