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Food Supplies: Manus and Asylum Belongings

food supplies: Everybody's gone, according to The Chronicle Herald. Everybody got on the buses, they packed their bags and they moved over, Kakas said. Police Chief Superintendent Dominic Kakas said police and immigration officials removed all 378 men from the male-only camp on Manus Island over two days and took them by bus to residences in the nearby town of Lorengau. Refugee advocates say officials used force and destroyed asylum seekers' belongings to make them leave Manus. Water, power and food supplies ended when the Manus camp ended officially closed on Oct. 31, based on the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court's ruling last year that Australia's policy of housing asylum seekers there was unconstitutional. Video was released of officials in the camp wielding what appeared to be wooden sticks. ( As reported in the news.