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Debut Film: Heritage Influences and Immigration Story

debut film: The women discuss how their cultural heritage influences their identities as Canadians and immigrants, according to CBC. The whole conversation is what's your hyphen explained Ali, calling her debut film a nuanced discussion about what black Canadian identities look like. Directed and produced by Samah Ali, Hyphen-Nation features a 14-minute conversation between five women of colour that is inspired by her own cultural experience. And that's what opens it up to so many people to identify with because whether it's themselves or their family members who have an immigration story, everybody typically has a hyphen. Ali explains this is both liberating and tragic. Maryanne Epp on performing, and living, on the street The anti-troll This artist is making social media a safer space one illustration at a time The women are asked if they identify with being black Canadians. ( As reported in the news.