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Country: Suu Kyi

country: Suu Kyi is a Nobel peace laureate for her leadership of the democracy movement in Myanmar but she has come under widespread criticism as her country's civilian leader because of violence that has caused many in the Rohingya minority to flee the country, according to Metro News. In a statement, Geldof says he will turn his award in at City Hall on Monday morning. The founder of Live Aid says Suu Kyi is a handmaiden to genocide whose association with Ireland's capital shames us all. He says he is a proud Dubliner and does not want the ceremonial title while Suu Kyi also holds it. Myanmar is a Buddhist-majority country that doesn't recognize Rohingya as an ethnic group, contending they are Bengali migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh living illegally in the country. He says that her association with our city shames us all and we should have no truck with it, even by default. ( As reported in the news.