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Colorado Chain: Ink Coffee and Advertising Campaign

colorado chain: Outrage over the message, fueled by anger over a city being dramatically transformed by an influx of newcomers, quickly spread on social media, according to CTV. A window was broken at the shop and White Coffee painted on the building and about 200 people protested there Saturday. Last week, Ink! Coffee displayed a sidewalk sign that said Happily Gentrifying the Neighborhood Since 2014 outside a store in a historically diverse neighbourhood near downtown Denver. The Colorado chain initially called the sign a bad joke but later founder Keith Herbert explained it was part of an advertising campaign. I recognize that we had a blind spot to other legitimate interpretations. In a statement, he said he saw the campaign as a way to take pride in being part of a dynamic, evolving community that is inclusive but was now embarrassed to say that he did not fully appreciate the very real and troubling issue of gentrification. ( As reported in the news.