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Centre: Convention Centre

centre: Out of the Shadows Inside La Meute Outside the convention centre, police in riot gear placed themselves between the far-right groups and a counter-demonstration of around 250 anti-racism and anti-capitalist activists, according to CBC. Quebec City police said they arrested 44 people in two waves. Between 300 and 400 members of far-right groups, including La Meute and Storm Alliance, marched in the rain to a convention centre that was hosting a major policy meeting of the governing Quebec Liberal party. They took 21 people into custody around 12 45 p.m. near the convention centre and confiscated disguises, a sling shot, a billy club and bottles containing an unknown liquid. A further 23 people were arrested when they failed to follow police orders to disperse later in the day. It's tough to say to which group they belonged, but it's clear they intended to counter La Meute's demonstration, said Andr Turcotte, spokesperson for Quebec City police. ( As reported in the news.