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Caseworkers Approach: Heart Problems and Ali Olson

caseworkers approach: They have encountered him before; they know he's teasing when he gives a phoney name, according to Metro News. Gladys Rivera and Ali Olson are part of a citywide, round-the-clock army of workers for nonprofits contracted by the city. A nurse will be visiting to discuss his heart problems, they tell him.A short time later, in Marcus Garvey Park, the sun has just begun to rise when the caseworkers approach a man zipped inside a sleeping bag. Their aim is to get the homeless into shelter, and so they make the rounds of upper Manhattan, checking on clients, identifying newcomers to the streets and trying to connect them with services. You never know which one is going to be the one that sticks, said Olson. They are often rejected, but they do not give up. ( As reported in the news.