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Canadians Struggle: Canadians and Income Inequality

canadians struggle: Despite a strong economy, he said not everyone is getting a share of that success as Canadians struggle to find jobs that pay a living wage, according to National Observer. Over the past three decades, he said most Canadians saw their incomes grow by less than one per cent a year in real terms while the wealthiest less than one tenth of a per cent of the population saw their incomes nearly triple. Trudeau said that on the country's 150th anniversary, the promise of progress has become increasingly elusive. We have to tell the truth about income inequality and what it means for Canadians, he said. He added As uncomfortable as it might be to talk about it, it's a lot more uncomfortable to live it. We're Canadian and we're polite and we don't like to talk too much about money because it might make someone uncomfortable. ( As reported in the news.