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Brainstorm Ideas: Lab and Sector Officials

brainstorm ideas: The project is a social innovation lab that brings together stakeholders from every sector, including public and private sector officials, academics and immigrants themselves, to brainstorm ideas to increase immigrant retention, according to CBC. Then, the lab will get to work on putting some of those ideas into practise, and tracking how successful they are over a three-year period. This week, the provincial and federal governments announced a combined 400,000 in funding to NouLAB, a joint venture of the Pond-Deshpande Centre and the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network, to pay for the costs of running the Economic Immigration Lab project. Karina LeBlanc, executive director of the Pond-Deshpande Centre, said the lab allows the problem to be tackled from all angles, rather than leaving individual sectors to try and solve it themselves. She says the lab will help tackle the issue of immigrant retention from all angles. Karina LeBlanc is the executive director of the University of New Brunswick's Pond-Deshpande Centre. ( As reported in the news.