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Attorney Erin: Homeland Security and Alvarez

attorney erin: He will remain on GPS monitoring, according to Toronto Star. It means he can go home with his family for, we don't know how long, attorney Erin O'Neil-Baker told The Hartford Courant. An attorney for Marco Reyes Alvarez said Wednesday the Department of Homeland Security has agreed not to arrest, detain or deport Alvarez while his appeals paperwork is being processed. We know that at any point the second circuit appeals court could make a decision on his case, but while those are pending the Department of Homeland Security, they won't deport him. The father of three was supposed to board a plane to Ecuador on Aug. 8 but instead took refuge inside the First and Summerfield United Methodist Church. Alvarez entered the U.S. illegally in 1997 and has been living in Meriden. ( As reported in the news.