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Assault Policies: Assault and Rape Culture

assault policies: The acknowledgement of rape culture can function as a transformative tool and opportunity to be good citizens or a different kind of citizen, according to NOW Magazine. It can create radical change in our socialization and education and better inform us of the racism, colonialism and misogyny intrinsic to sexual assault. But is that all there is We've known about sexual assault in Hollywood for at least a century, while choosing to ignore how lonely, re-victimizing and stigmatizing it is for those who choose to report or the rewiring of the lives of adults and children who tell. They should never be separated. Oh, there are sexual assault policies. It can allow us to observe the degree to which rape functions as entertainment in our media watch any episode of Law & Order as bounty and ethnic cleansing in our wars and as entitlement in toxic masculinity. ( As reported in the news.