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Alturkmani: Work and Alturkmani Smiles

alturkmani: I found myself going down, cleaning the street, Alturkmani says through an interpreter, according to CBC. Here I thought I was doing good, helping people by cleaning the entrance of the building. After he and his wife moved with their young daughter and two teenage sons into the Halifax apartment that would become their home, he decided he wanted to give back to the community that had welcomed his family. Alturkmani smiles as he recalls how he swept up what he thought was dirt It turned out to be salt, put down to de-ice the sidewalk. Seeking work, finding frustration But Alturkmani, a former school bus driver, is still out of work and he's not the only one. We have so many people with us who have the desire to work and to be productive, he says. ( As reported in the news.