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Alexander: British Citizenship and Father

alexander: I understand he renounced his British citizenship before I was born because he was a proud Australian, Alexander said in a statement about his father, who died in 1987, according to CTV. As my father was born in the U.K., and consistent with the plan of action outlined by the prime minister yesterday, I am making further enquiries, he added. Ruling party lawmaker John Alexander said Tuesday he was seeking verification from London on whether he had inherited British citizenship from his father. If Alexander proved to be a dual citizen he would become the seventh lawmaker to be forced from office since the High Court last month made a ruling to enforce a 116-year-old constitutional ban on foreign citizens sitting in Parliament. House of Representatives lawmakers found to be dual citizens must renounce their foreign citizenship and then win a byelection if they want to return to their seat. That has created an unprecedented political crisis that could threaten the majority of Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull's conservative coalition. ( As reported in the news.