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Whites: Minority Group and Code Words

whites: If whites are blamed, they say, it is as individuals; for minorities, it is suggested that their crimes are part of a larger narrative, according to Toronto Star. For whites, it's just something that happened,' said Texas Southern University professor Sharlette Kellum-Gilbert. Had he been of another race or ethnicity, would he have been branded a terrorist, instead or would aspersions have been cast on his minority group The question has been raised again and again in recent days, as critics suggested that the conversation around our nation's tragedies is often framed in divisive, racial code words. When it's of another race, this is how they are,' and there are calls for law and order. Article Continued Below White men who resort to mass violence are consistently characterized primarily as isolated lone wolves' in no way connected to one another, King wrote. Shaun King raised the same point Tuesday in a column Tuesday for The Intercept entitled The White Privilege of the Lone Wolf' Shooter. ( As reported in the news.