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u.s .,: Dispatch Aid and Puerto Rico

u.s .,: But will United States President Donald Trump do anything about the metastasizing gun violence in the U.S., where, count on it, some gunned up, NRA-card-holding, paranoid lunatic -- almost certainly white, male, and Christian is already plotting to break that record Unlikely, according to Rabble. Beyond meaningless platitudes about prayer and unity, Mr. By nightfall, the death toll had risen to 59; the numbered injured to nearly 530.A smaller headline beneath read Trump Calls for Unity After Act of Pure Evil. Trump is about as likely to do something, or even to say anything helpful, as he is to dispatch aid to hurricane-battered colonial Puerto Rico with alacrity and generosity. The Great Deceiver is working on a plan to extend America's 17-year war in Afghanistan for another decade. However, as many have observed, it's likely the Great Divider is beavering away behind the scenes to ensure nine million American children are immediately deprived of health insurance. ( As reported in the news.