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Unity Rally: Rally and Toronto

unity rally: Soon, media outlets were interviewing the U of T journalism fellow who became the accidental organizer of what's shaping up to be the largest political rally against white supremacy witnessed in recent memory in Toronto, according to NOW Magazine. The Unity Rally To End White Supremacy is planned for noon this Sunday, October 15 at Queen's Park. When Shannon McDeez posted a Facebook event in August inviting friends to stand up against a Toronto Nationalist Rally reportedly planned for the University of Toronto in the wake of the chaos of Charlottesville, it went viral. The Facebook event page lists 6,400 people as going and another 12,000 interested in attending. Yet, the role of white allyship in anti-racism movements has always been complicated, from the ways white privilege inhibits progress to the strategic ways it can be used to turn white supremacy on its head. McDeez says she doesn't want to be misconstrued as just some figure swooping in in the larger tradition of white people who have taken up enough space in racial justice movements better served by the voices of people directly affected by racism Black, Indigenous and people of colour. ( As reported in the news.