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Tuition Fees: Work Stoppage and Faculty Return

tuition fees: It is very stressful, said Noble Thomas, 24, a human resources management student at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ont, according to Toronto Star. Thomas, who came to Canada two years ago from India, said each week on strike represents a loss of roughly 800 in tuition fees, not to mention the additional money spent on rent if the semester is prolonged once faculty return to work. But some international students say the work stoppage, which began last Monday, has them worrying about finances as well as their education and immigration status. And though he has a job at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario LCBO Thomas said international students are limited to 20 hours of work per week. Article Continued Below Schools should be giving refunds for the time lost, he said a sentiment expressed by domestic and international students alike in a petition that had garnered nearly 100,000 signatures by Sunday morning. What's more, he said, uncertainty over the length of the strike prevents students from scheduling additional shifts. ( As reported in the news.