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Tuition Fees: Dalhousie University and Halifax Wrestled

tuition fees: The review comes over a now-deleted Facebook post in which she defended her motion to the students' union to not celebrate Canada 150, according to Toronto Star. She said she would not stand with privileged white people, or be proud of a country that is responsible for over 400 years of genocide and the stealing of land. But Dalhousie University in Halifax wrestled with it and found C's words merited disciplinary review. react-empty 167 Masuma Khan, the vice-president of the student council executive at Dalhousie, the activist who had led thousands in the streets to protest against high tuition fees, and who identifies more with Malcolm X than Martin Luther King, will face a disciplinary committee come November or December. For good measure she added the hashtags unlearn150, and 150. Your white tears aren't sacred. White fragility can kiss my ass. ( As reported in the news.