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Stories: Coal Fire and Pain

stories: There was pain and laughter, challenge and purpose, recovery and loss in these stories, according to Vancouver Courier. They always ended with statements like We survived and we had some good times in the midst of our pain. I remember sitting around a coal fire with my parents and grandparents hearing stories of the war and how that war affected their lives and well-being. We pray that you will not have to go through what we did. .article continues below Trending StoriesI Watched This Game Canucks 3, Oilers 2Having too many veterans is causing headaches for both the Canucks and CometsRCMP investigating fatality at UBCI Watched This Game Canucks 2, Senators 3 SO As I travel around these islands, I am constantly amazed at the stories I hear and experience - stories of journeys and of healing, of pain and separation; stories of joy and liberation; stories of faith and stories of traditions; stories that are new and stories that are ancient; stories of the First Peoples; and stories of settlers, refugees, tourists and visitors. The new stories are about a chance to begin again with opportunities to reach out in generosity and kindness. There is presence in these stories which transforms and changes, a presence that sustains and nurtures, challenges and comforts, and brings hope and peace. ( As reported in the news.