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Sponsorship Groups: Yazidis and Minority Group

sponsorship groups: However, Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel says she wants to know exactly who sponsored the 800 and how many of them are actually Yazidis, according to CTV. Almost a year ago, after intense lobbying by Rempel and private sponsorship groups trying to help Yazidis, the government agreed to support her motion to resettle Yazidi women and girls within months. Hussen made the comment in response to a question from a Liberal MP during question period. In February, Hussen announced 400 had arrived, about 300 of them Yazidis. The Yazidis are a religious minority group of about 700,000 people that had mostly lived in northern Iraq near the Syrian border. He said then the government was committed to sponsoring 1,200 Yazidis and other survivors of ISIL by the end of the year, with 28 million in funding. ( As reported in the news.