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Sikh Constituency: Love Campaign and Ndp Leader

sikh constituency: In the past decade, the image of the exoticized turbaned Sikh man has become more recognized as attractive, according to NOW Magazine. Actor and model Waris Ahluwalia appeared in the 2013 Gap Make Love campaign and has appeared in more than one Wes Anderson film. But Singh's campaign for NDP leader relied too heavily on capturing cool to benefit a party struggling to maintain a left-leaning voice while appealing to a broad base of voters rather than his achievements as an MPP, which are demonstrably lacking. It is within this context that Singh's image and style have catapulted him to the spotlight. He spoke to a younger generation and, without a doubt, a larger audience than his predominantly Sikh constituency of Bramalea-Gore-Malton. Canadian media couldn't get enough of the photogenic Sikh politician on his road to party leader amongst a sea of white faces and candidates.I first became aware of Singh while working at a community health centre in Malton during his campaign for MPP in 2014. ( As reported in the news.