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Rights Code

code: If passed, the legislation would add the four new areas of rights protection to the code and give anyone discriminated against recourse they currently don't have at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, according to Toronto Star. Des Rosiers, a former human rights lawyer, said the code as it stands has gaps and doesn't fully protect many of the province's residents, especially those in poor or marginalized communities. The private member's bill, tabled by Liberal legislator Nathalie Des Rosiers, would expand and modernize Ontario's human rights code which was first established in 1962. In my view, Ontario must have a Human Rights Code that addresses fully the new types of discrimination that Ontarians may feel and may face, she said. Article Continued Below Des Rosiers said the changes would bring Ontario's Human Rights Code in line with other codes across Canada and around the world. The purpose of this bill is to recognize there is a role for government in ensuring we respond proactively to discrimination, she added. ( As reported in the news.