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Revolutions Installations: Chto Delat and Dmitry Vilensky

revolutions installations: Petersburg's Chto Delat What's to be done a political theory, art and activism collective responsible for much of the design and many of the Monument To The Century Of Revolutions installations featured as part of Nuit Blanche at Nathan Phillips Square this year, according to NOW Magazine. The 21 shipping containers that formed the exhibit featured images, sounds and interactive displays about revolutions through the ages from Bolsheviks to Zapatistas, from Havana to Paris 1968 and beyond. Dmitry Vilensky is an artist with St. The idea was to create a historical narrative and to integrate the local struggles into it, says Vilensky. Arts & Culture Services director Patrick Tobin says the 12-year-old dusk-to-dawn arts fest has a history of presenting artworks with challenging themes. The city, which took over sponsorship of Nuit Blanche and ran events out of Arts & Culture Services this year, invited local artists and collaborators to create works that expressed the theme Many Possible Futures. ( As reported in the news.