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Removal Efforts: Security Jail and 'Marra Referencing

removal efforts: Toure, a failed refugee claimant originally from Gambia, has spent more than four and a half years in a maximum security jail because the government has been unable to deport him, according to Toronto Star. He is arguing that his detention violates multiple sections of the charter and that he should be released. This is a gross violation of section 12 of the Charter, Jared Will, lawyer for immigration detainee Ebrahim Toure, told Superior Court Justice Alfred O'Marra, referencing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms' protection against cruel and unusual treatment. Government lawyers accuse Toure who, prior to December 2015, insisted he was from Guinea of repeatedly thwarting their removal efforts and intentionally withholding information that would help them deport him. Toure, meanwhile, says he is willing to be deported and he has given immigration officials all the information he has. They allege that his name is actually Bakaba Touray and say his lack of co-operation is the primary obstacle in removing him from the country. ( As reported in the news.