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Refugee Lawyers and Quebec Town

year: Refugee lawyers representing the more than 12,000 men, women and children who have crossed from New York this year at the informal crossing on Roxham Rd., near the Quebec town of have heard stories of profiling, but it wasn't until a client of Toronto lawyer Clifford McCarten was given his own questionnaire last month seemingly by mistake that there was proof of the practice.RCMP spokesperson Annie Delisle told the Star Wednesday that these questions were part of an interview guide that was used by officers in Quebec, according to Toronto Star. Due to the high volume of irregular migrants in Quebec, an interview guide was developed as an operation tool to streamline processing and provide consistency in the RCMP's preliminary risk assessments, Delisle wrote in an email to the Star. The 41 questions appear to specifically target Muslims, as no other religious practices are mentioned, nor terrorist groups with non-Muslim members. Article Continued Below The RCMP questionnaire Answers from the questionnaire were entered into RCMP databases, Delisle wrote. Scott Bardsley, spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, told the Star Wednesday afternoon that the RCMP has suspended use of that version of the guide. That information could then be shared with the Canada Border Services Agency or other security partners in accordance with Canadian legislation, she wrote. ( As reported in the news.