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Refugee Crisis: Shot Thursday and Riverbank Myanmar

refugee crisis: Many more people, from young children to old men, stand huddled with their belongings on the riverbank, according to CTV. Myanmar has come under international criticism for failing to stop the violence, and in turn the tide of more than half a million Rohingya who have made the often perilous journey to Bangladesh since late August, the largest refugee crisis to hit Asia in decades. A video obtained by The Associated Press that villagers said was shot Thursday in northern Rakhine state shows dozens of Rohingya attempting to swim across the currents of a muddy river, from where it is a more than 20-kilometre 12-mile walk through jungles to the border. The Myanmar government's information committee said in a statement late Thursday that it had stopped 17,000 Rohingya from fleeing in just four days last week. The local authorities told the Bengalis if they have difficulties with their livelihood, they will provide food and security and to return to their villages. The Myanmar authorities in northern Rakhine went to the border areas where thousands of Bengalis await to flee and talked to them, it said. ( As reported in the news.