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Refugee Camps: Refugee and Midnight Escapes

refugee camps: So when the rickshaw pullers, tea stall vendors and other villagers in northern Bangladesh's Mymensingh district were asked to give, they did -- in days raising 10,000 to donate to hospitals and refugee camps helping those who fled in what is now Asia's largest refugee crisis in decades, according to CTV. They came forward with whatever they had, whatever they could give us, said Mohammad Abdullah-al-Kafi, who helped collect the donations and then travelled to a refugee camp to hand them out. They had heard the stories of gunshot wounds and midnight escapes from angry mobs and soldiers. I could not hold my tears when we got there and saw their suffering. The sheer need of the Rohingya Muslims has inspired similar grassroots campaigns across Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority nation in which there is great sympathy for the Rohingya's tales of persecution and abuse in largely Buddhist Myanmar. We cried, and they cried as we distributed money. ( As reported in the news.